We might think that Brazil, of all countries, would have a tolerant, open minded attitude towards breastfeeding in public.
A country where the body is constantly exposed, where breasts are seen in carnival, TV soaps, billboards and commercials…
But, that’s not always the case and Brazilian ladies still face quite a lot of hostility from many groups and institutions when trying to feed their babies in public.
Last year, for example, a mum of a young baby was told off for trying to breastfeed him in a São Paulo Cultural Centre. She immediately organised a “mamaço”-a breastfeeding flash mob- which made the director of said institution to apologise and change it’s policy. But it takes a lot to shift peoples personal prejudices. That’s why this year during “World Breastfeeding Week” many “mamaços” will be happening throughout the country. These photos are part of my work registering mothers and birthing in Brazil.




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