Birth Marks-Marcas de Nascença
A register of transformations and marks of motherhood, in the body and in the soul.
Brazilian Street Girls
Shop windows are their mirrors. Photographs are rare, and proofs of identity are virtually non-existent. I brought to the girls mirrors and the clothes I had played with as a teenager, including my mother’s wedding dress
Painted Portraits
Before computer generated images or even color photography, craft talented painters used to offer their services to families wanting color in their photo portraits. Inspired by the Brazilian “Painted Portraits” tradition I invited different groups to paint their own portraits with me.
The Wedding Dress
In this project I invite women that married a few decades ago to be photographed with their original wedding dresses.A garment that is used once but often kept for many years. A piece of cloth that yellows, resists changes, separations, time…
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