Birth Marks-Marcas de Nascença


8 Meses entre as duas fotos! Sobre o que o amor e carinho por si mesma pode trazer. As possibilidades de transformações emocionais e físicas são infinitas… Olhem a maravilhosa Paula e o que significou para ela “mostrar tudo”. 8 meses entre as duas imagens (‪#‎NOPHOTOSHOP‬).  What self love and kindness to oneself can bring. It can bring infinite possibilities emotionally and physically….Look at the wonderful Paula and what it meant for her to bare it all. 8 months between the 2 images (NO PHOTOSHOP).




A register of transformations and marks of motherhood, in the body and in the soul. 
Um registro das transformações e marcas da maternidade, no corpo e na alma.

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A photographic project that reveals and explores the relation of mothers and pregnant women with their bodies.
The women participants are invited for sessions of photos that can include their children. The participants are asked to write a testimony in first person on the physical and emotional marks brought by motherhood. The text can contain reflections about the relationship with the body itself before and after a child or children are born, the memories of the childbirth, the visible and invisible transformations that have occurred in the body and in the life of these women.

The project intends to reveal through the photos and voices of these women what are the marks left by the arrival of the children, what each woman sees of important in the process of change that they have gone through, and how they feel and wear their “mother’s skin” forever.

The project Birth Marks – is highly collaborative, with active participation of the women photographed in the photo sessions and their reports. Through these images and these testimonies, I try also to show what is not seen in the current photoshopped photographs.

Valuing a body, whatever its size and form, colour or aspect, a body that has imprinted on it the marks of having one day grown, carried, given birth and fed another being. A body that shows scars, grooves and stretch marks while manifesting pain and varied emotions.

Although the project Birth Marks does not deal specifically with the occurrence of “obstetric violence”, this is a project that started in Brazil, a country where at least one in four women report to have suffered some type of verbal, emotional or physical violence at the moment of childbirth. This project also therefore gives voice to these women.

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