Day Out


“When Brazilian Photographer Leticia Valverdes offered refugee families in London the opportunity to be photographed on a day out and to be able to take their own souvenir snaps with disposable cameras, they jumped at the chance. An Afghan family chose to visit Buckingham Palace; some Kosovan children giggled at the Zoo; while a group of Rwandans went picnicking and peddle-boating in Hyde Park. One group took a river cruise, having not seen the Thames despite living in the capital for ten months. Others flocked to the London Eye, the first time many could remember spending a day together at play.

“Given the chance, they would love to enjoy the same pleasures, the same dreams and the same normality as the rest of us. For one day they were able to see themselves the way tourists see themselves, and to forget their troubles” explains Valverdes.

“I want Londoners to see these people in places they are not normally seen. Refugee and immigrants also want to be part of the city.”

Time Out Magazine UK July 2001

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