Is London the place for me?

Create your professional portrait postcard with artist Leticia Valverdes and be part of an exhibition

When you first arrived in London did you think it was the place for you? Or do you know if your parents thought it was the place for them? How do you feel about London now?

Exploring responses to questions like these, artist Leticia Valverdes works with groups and individuals to create professional portrait postcards. Everyone is welcome to join Leticia at Rivington Place in a specially customised photographic studio. Through small discussion groups and conversations with the artist, you’ll think about your hopes and expectations on arriving in the capital, and also consider how you feel you are perceived by others in London. Following these conversations, you can choose a digital backdrop and props for your studio portrait as well as the clothes you want to wear for it. The final portraits will be made into postcards that you can send to a friend or a loved one or keep as a memory of your experience. We will also ask you to donate one of your postcards to a Is London the Place for Me? Portrait Postcardexhibition at Rivington Place.

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