Funk Rio
Soon we’re above Rio’s middle-class tower blocks and into the altitudes of the city’s poor. A low thud-thud-thud gets louder until we reach our destination – a “funk ball”. Every weekend there are about 500 of these rave-like balls, almost all in favelas or poor suburbs.
A series of photos taken during the BBC series Amazon with Bruce Parry, published in a book by Penguin that accompanied the series.
Amazon Tribe
All had one remarkable adornment in common: a wooden tube the width of a bicycle handlebar drilled through their bottom lip. The Zo’é are an unusual tribe: women can take as many husbands and boyfriends as they like, and thirty something women are particularly prized.
Japanese Female Wrestlers
Kicking, screaming, scratching, bellowing out karaoke-Japan’s women wrestlers fight dirty and they will do anything to be famous. Words by Lesley Downer – Independent Magazine
Real Postcards-Brasilia
Wedding Steve & Gael
Wedding Fernanda & Darren
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